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Parking options issued by CSU Parking Office:

Central Garage (CG)  (1900 E. 21st) – Guests can park Friday after 3pm and all day Saturday/Sunday. There will be no attendant on duty. Guest can pull a ticket on entry. Please enter at 21St. entrance, (19th St. will not dispense a ticket). Please remember to display the garage ticket stub you receive from the machine while parked in the garage.  The event rate is $2 for the first hour, $1 per hour after, max $10/day.   NO in and out privileges at Central Garage. Guests will insert the ticket in the machine on exit and pay with cash or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). The machine will calculate the total. There is no overnight parking  or in/out privileges in this garage.

Lot 22 – Student Center (2121 Euclid)  – Prepay at pay station.  Cash or credit card accepted.  This is a pay per hour location and a 4 hour max. The rate is $2 for 1hr, $4 for 2hr, $6 for 3 hrs, and $10 for 4 hours.  Please make sure that parking receipt in on display on dash at all times.  There is no overnight parking or in/out privileges.

Lot 54 (East 24th between and Chester and Payne) – Prepay at pay station.  Cash or credit card accepted. CSU Parking Office is offering an option which will be available at pay station to purchase a $6 all day pass (until 11:59p). The rate will be available the Friday’s requested (1/6, 1/13, 1/20) after 3pm and the Saturday’s requested (1/7,1/14, 1/21, 1/28)  after 6am. Guests must select “Soccer – CASA” at the machine . The parking receipt must be displayed on the dash at all times. Note:  If the parking receipt is not displayed, to show the “Soccer – CASA” name, at all times, a citation may be issued.  Please note, if the guest decides to leave and return to the same space, and the same day, they paid for, they can display the dash pass without having to pay a second time (i.e. the dash receipt, must match the space they are parked in). If the guest returns and their space is taken by another vehicle, they will need to purchase parking for another spot and display the receipt on their dash.

South Garage (SG) and Prospect Garage (PG) 

(SG- 2101 East 21st — PG – 2350 Prospect)-These garages are automated, no attendant on site.  Hours are 5:00 a.m. to midnight.

Rates are $2.00 for first hour, $1.00 per hour after, max $10/day.  Cash (up to $20 bill accepted) or credit card. There is no overnight parking or in/out privileges.

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