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The Challenge program is ideal for players that have played travel or other competitive soccer and want to move to the next level of training.

The Challenge program provides intensive training that concentrates on individual player development with a focus on technical and tactical parts of the game.  Players will be developed to be able to play any position during age-appropriate team training sessions.

The Challenge Program will also include our speed and agility training program. The speed and agility training will allow athletes to gain knowledge about how to better control their bodies while also becoming faster and more explosive, directly translating to the game of soccer. This training will be directed at improving different aspects of their game, making well-rounded and better-conditioned players. The ultimate goal of this new program is to give TCSC players an advantage over their competition and to better prepare them to play at the highest level.  It is in the Challenge program that players develop the skill required to earn a spot on the Premier teams.